Building Skills, Creating Fun in Social Groups

Cooking, art, game play and a girls’ puberty group were among the highlights of the successful 2018 summer social groups programs. Learners had fun working together in their groups on various activities including making cupcakes, drawing a group picture and making origami. Also successful was the Let’s Learn About Puberty program for girls. The students learned subjects related to puberty as well as important lessons on personal safety. They loved their spa day.

We look forward to providing the program to more learners in the future. Fall school-year groups begin this week.  Building on the achievements of the summer programs, we continue to introduce new and exciting curricula and activities.

To meet the need of various age groups and individual needs, social skills groups address a wide range of skills including basic play, school readiness, perspective-taking, conversation and executive functioning. All learners work on individualized goals developed in collaboration with the Small Group Intervention Program team and each learner’s program manager. Generalization of skills learned in an individualized setting, especially social skills, is always the biggest challenge for our learners. NBA social groups enable the students to practice these skills in a group setting to help prepare them for real-life environments such as school and the community. 

Yoko Phillips    Small Group Intervention Program Coordinator

Morgan Tompkins  Small Group Intervention Program Assistant Coordinator

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