Focused Leisure Among New CBI Groups

Summer was a whirlwind of amazing experiences for CBI staff and learners.

Cooking group continued work on increasing functional cooking skills for our learners. Some even took their newly acquired skills and recipes home to successfully make meals for themselves and their families.

Also this summer we held our first focused leisure group emphasizing learning about various sports. Learners accessed instruction on rules and strategies for tennis, soccer, golf, football and more. Several learners also participated in a focused leisure bowling group. Besides improving their bowling skills, they also learned social norms and how to navigate bowling alleys.

We also have gotten to know learners’ families while hosting several successful sibling socials. We visited downtown Seattle to ride the Great Wheel, have lunch and enjoy window shopping. We also added a bowling alley and arcade visit. The socials have helped siblings get to know each other and begin to form friendships.

The A Day in the Life half- and full-day programs continue to have CBI’s highest enrollment. Their format and structure flexibility allow more time for engaging in a wider variety of skills, locations and activities. Learners enjoy planning their own daily activities focusing on leisure, independent living skills such as grocery shopping and cooking, vocational activities and helping their families by completing routine errands or chores for them. We enjoy the comprehensiveness of the program and getting to focus with our learners on many aspects of safety, social norms and executive functioning.

Thank you so much for all your continued support. Seeing the students becoming more independent in their homes and in the community is an amazing experience.

We are excited for the opportunity to continue building a strong comprehensive program to teach our learners how to successfully access their community during our fall session, which began Sept. 10. Information for winter enrollment will be available in November.

Randee Wagner   Community-Based Instruction Coordinator

Anna Rosen   Community-Based Instruction Assistant

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