Introducing NBA’s Updated Values, Mission Statement and Vision Statement

Our Mission: NBA’s mission is to maximize the potential of individuals with autism and related disorders by providing high-quality, individualized intervention, and to promote awareness of both the autism spectrum and the science of human behavior to the community.

NBA approaches our mission with a bold commitment to inclusion. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of race, gender, age, religion, identity, ability, and experience! We want our employees to bring their authentic selves to work to better NBA.

Our Vision: NBA strives to be the premier provider of applied behavior analytic services in Washington state for learners with ASD and related disorders.  We pledge to deliver high-quality and individually crafted services to learners, their families, and their communities across the changing needs of their lifespan in a way that maximizes learners’ quality of life and potential.  We are committed to adhering to the topmost ethical standards, offering ongoing training and education, and treating all employees, learners, and their families with compassion, understanding, respect and inclusivity in a nurturing, fun, and family-oriented culture.   NBA is compelled to make a positive difference in our community and society by promoting awareness of autism and the science of behavior.  

Our Values: Accountability, Independence, Understanding, Community, Compassion, Empathy, Excellence, Thoroughness, Making a difference, Honesty, Reliability, Mastery, Joy, Creativity, Timeliness, Stability, Tolerance, Generosity, Growth, Enthusiasm, Resourcefulness, Determination, Teamwork, Fun

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