Movie Making, Group Projects on Tap for Social Groups

Social Group activities

NBA learners’ huge smiles and excitement upon their return from winter break tell the story of a great start to our academic-year Social Groups program. 

Our groups enjoyed Halloween and other holiday-related activities. While having fun, the students learned how to cooperate with others, make plans for a project or a party, and how to be respectful and a good friend to each other. For 2019, we are off to new and more exciting cooperation activities including making a short movie, group projects and even hanging out in the community.

The close communication between each child’s program manager and the social group coordinator are key to the success of NBA social groups. We work closely together and frequently discuss the child’s current goals, progress and challenges. NBA social groups are a great place for students to practice generalization of their skills with peers while making new friends. 

For questions about social groups, contact Small Group Intervention Coordinator Yoko Phillips at or call 425-822-6442 extension 119.

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