NBA adds staff members, expands roles for others and announces new BCBAs

The new year brings multiple staff developments at NBA including new personnel, new duties and new achievements. 

Carolyn Grob joins NBA as our newest Program Manager. Grob has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a master’s degree in behavior analysis from University of Houston-Clear Lake. Her first exposure to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) occurred while working with domestic animals under the supervision of a veterinary behaviorist. Her passion for the science of ABA grew when she worked in an early intervention clinic and deepened while working with teens and young adults. She and her wonderful dog, Annabelle, are welcome additions at NBA.

Meghan Edwards-Bond is NBA’s new office manager. Raised in Kirkland, she earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing from Washington State University in 2014. Edwards-Bond worked for three years in the Visit Seattle marketing department before she and her husband, Adam, moved to his native England for 18 months. While there Edwards-Bond completed a master’s degree in marketing. The couple returned to the United States in September. She is expecting her first child in June.

Three existing NBA staff members are taking on new responsibilities. Former Training Coordinator Caron Cosser has taken the role of Program Supervisor. She will work hand-in-hand with Program Managers to oversee the treatment and progress of each student. Cosser brings a caring and diplomatic nature, a strong knowledge of ABA and many years of experience to her new position.

Jennifer Skadden is NBA’s new Training Coordinator. Another longtime employee of NBA as a program manager, Skadden brings energy and enthusiasm to her job of training our behavior technicians to the highest standards. Skadden also is expecting in June.

Wendy Knowles is adding to her responsibilities. She will continue as Counseling Supervisor and also will serve as NBA’s Compliance Coordinator. Navigating the tricky world of insurance funding and state regulations is a skill Knowles honed for three years while working on state licensing with the Potomac Center in West Virginia.

And last but not least, congratulations to Program Manager Cisco Cornidez and CBI Program Assistant Anna Rosen, who recently passed their exams to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA). NBA now has 15 BCBA staff members who treat and manage behavioral, emotional and developmental disorders. Equivalent to a master’s degree designation, BCBA is a graduate-level competency measure in behavior analysis, the study of how people learn and behave in social settings. BCBAs use scientific measures to determine what influences a behavior, then consult with clients and caregivers on methods to refine or change the behavior. NBA is proud of both Cornidez and Rosen for their skills, accomplishments and dedication.

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