NBA Receives First Stock Donation

Northwest Behavioral Associates, which supports families dealing with autism spectrum disorder, has received a generous donation of more than 2,000 shares of Microsoft stock from a member family. The donation is the first of its kind for the 20-year-old nonprofit organization.

“We are incredibly grateful to receive this very generous donation,” said Dr. Stacey Shook, NBA co-founder and director. “We are thrilled at the prospect of the doors that this gift opens for us and for our students.”

Donations are needed to help NBA upgrade technology and office equipment, purchase new curricula, support learner scholarships and expand the social group and CBI programs to include vocational skills and young-adult living.

A stock donation not only supports NBA but helps the donor avoid paying capital gains tax. When the security is donated to a charitable organization, the total amount is eligible for a tax deduction. When planning for 2019 donations, please consider making NBA a recipient.

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