Our Community-Based Instruction Program News! By Randee Wagner

Time has flown and we’re happy to announce that the Community-Based Instruction program celebrated three years of program offerings at NBA during summer 2017! We are so excited about the opportunity to continue to build this program, and reach an increased number of learners. 

Anna Rosen joined the team full time this summer as our new Community-Based Instruction Program Assistant. We are delighted to continue having her be a bigger part of the CBI team. Amanda George-Ray will continue providing Parent Training, and Debbie Green will continue to run Cooking Groups and Art Camps. We are also lucky to have numerous returning support staff this fall as well. We couldn’t do it without them!

“A Day in the Life” half and full day programs have been up and running for one year, and have now become one of the highest enrolled programs! This program is designed to give students a more comprehensive CBI experience without having to enroll in multiple programs. The model will follow the idea of a “Day in the Life”, meaning that it will target students successfully transitioning from one activity to another that may be a part of their daily life, as they continue to transition to adulthood. This program also teaches key planning and executive-functioning skills.  We are so excited to continue to offer more comprehensive functional living programming!

We’re so thrilled to be able to continue offering all previous programs this fall! In addition, this quarter we’ve decided to continue offering hiking and biking outside of just summer quarter and are excited to remain outdoors as we head towards fall. 

Please look for winter registration forms late December for programs beginning in January. If you don’t see a program that fits your need please don’t hesitate to let me know your area of interest!

Thank you so much for all of your continued support! It continues to be an amazing experience to get to see all of the students becoming more independent in their homes and in the community.

We are excited for the opportunity to continue building a strong comprehensive program to teach our learners how to successfully access their community!

Thank you so much!


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