Our Revamped Small Group Intervention Program takes off!

The summer social group 2016 was another grand success!  Seven weeks just flew by in a flash.  It was great to see all the familiar faces, as well as some newcomers who brought great personalities to the groups.  All the learners enjoyed cooperation activities, such as science experiments, and making a diorama.  They also worked very hard to earn parties of their choices, including a movie party and a station party!  It was great to see them having fun together in the groups.


Fall is now here, and September 12th marked the beginning of the school-year groups.  This year, we are excited to announce that Tali Schock rejoined our Small Group Intervention Program team!  Tali worked as a lead Group Coordinator from 2007 to 2013.  After having two of her own adorable children, she has now completed her graduate program, and is on her way to becoming a BCBA.  She will be a great addition to the continuing effort to improve our social groups.  We will be using various curricula, such as Social Thinking™ and Character Building© to address a wide range of social skills.


Building on the success of the summer groups, we continue to introduce new and exciting curricula and activities to keep the fun going!  Our learners range from 5 to 17 years of age, therefore, our social groups address a wide range of skills: basic play skills, school readiness, perspective-taking, conversation, and executive functioning, just to name a few!  All groups will be working on individualized goals developed in collaboration with the Small Group Intervention Coordinator, the Small Group Intervention Coordinator Assistant, and each learner’s Program Manager.  Generalization of the skills learned in an individualized setting, especially social skills, is always the biggest challenge for our learners.  NBA social group is a great place to practice these skills in a group setting, in order to help prepare them for real-life environments, such as school and the community.  

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