Behavior Technician Training Program

NBA employs, trains, and supervises Behavior Technicians (BT) to work in home programs for families we serve. These BTs undergo rigorous theoretical and practical training by attending a four-part workshop covering such topics as radical behaviorism, characteristics of AutismSpectrum Disorders, discrete trial instruction, errorless teaching, reinforcement, punishment, schedules of reinforcement, token procedures, generalization, maintenance, functional behavior assessments, and data collection.

When placed with a learner, each BT receives further training from the learner’s Program Manager on individual acquisition and behavior management programs, reinforcement systems, and data collection. NBA BTs are typically available for a minimum of two hours of direct home intervention per week, and receive on-going training and supervision from learners’ Program Managers and Program Supervisor.

The training program established for NBA BTs facilitates high standards of competence. This comprehensive training should enable BTs to generate more knowledge and confidence when providing direct intervention, thereby improving the quality of the learner’s home program experience.

For more information on the Behavior Technician Training Program, contact Garyfalia Sereti-Pamer, Training Coordinator, at (425) 822.6442 extension 110 or via email at:

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