Community-Based Instruction Program

The goal of NBA’s Community Based Instruction program is to provide an increased number of learners, of varying ages, with the opportunity to successfully access their community and live independently to the fullest extent possible.  Individualized direct and group instruction is provided to increase learners’ appropriate and independent leisure skills both in their homes and communities, functional community access skills such as budgeting, taking public transportation, ordering in restaurants, and independent tasks of daily living in their homes such as showering and household chores.  Individual vocational skills can be addressed, accompanied by internship and job coaching as needed/appropriate. 

Focused groups are available throughout the year for such activities as cooking, hiking, running, bike riding, bowling, book club, yoga, game nights, and art. 

Half and full day programs are available to replicate a “day in the life” of a learner, incorporating the most appropriate blend of the programs listed above by age and skill level.  Extended leisure activities and outing are scheduled on weekends throughout the year. Directed parent coaching is available as a stand alone program option. 

Learner placement is dependent on need and availability.  NBA’s holiday schedule, insurance billing and learner sickness policies apply.  Inquiries regarding placing a learner in our Summer and/or School Community-Based Instruction program should be directed to the Community-Based Intervention Program Coordinator or to your learner’s Program Manager.

For admission into these programs and/or for questions, please contact our Community-Based Instruction Supervisor, Randee Wagner at or via phone at (425) 822.6442 extension 103. 

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