Billable Hours & Fees

Bills will be sent out monthly and will include all services provided to your child and family by the Program Director and your Program Manager.

Material Fee

A nominal materials fee will be added to each monthly invoice.

Late Payment

After 60 days from the date of billing, interest will begin to accrue on the total amount owed at a 12 percent annual rate. If payment has not been made after 90 days from the date of billing, NBA services may be terminated. Returned checks will result in an additional charge of $25 plus bank processing fees.


Scheduling (Intervention and Meetings) will be done in September, January, and June of each year. Scheduling of observations will be done on an as-needed basis.

Cancellation Policy

Each family is allotted four cancellations per year. Additional cancellations will be billed in full. Cancellation fees apply to services cancelled after 8 a.m. on the scheduled date of service.  Services for which the cancellation fee applies will not be re-scheduled.

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of snow or inclement weather, NBA remains open.  NBA does not close when school districts are closed.  If for any reason our office is closed, your Program Manager will contact you. 

Child Sickness Policy

NBA Staff will not work with children if they are running a fever, have an infection, or are thought to have any contagious illness. Please remember that mucus, which is any other color than clear, can be a sign of infection.

Late Arrivals

When your child is late, the services provided to other children are affected. Please note that you will be billed for the full duration of your scheduled visit. If a delay in beginning your child’s session is the fault of any NBA staff member, you will not be billed for the delay. It is recommended that your child arrive at the Center approximately 5 minutes prior to the scheduled session.

Late Pick-ups

You will be billed for any additional time your child remains at the Center after his or her session (unless previously discussed with the Program Manager and/or Director). Note that the time required to supervise your child will affect the session time of another child.

Transition to a Different Program Manager

Occasionally it may be necessary for NBA to initiate a transition to a new Program Manager. In these situations, you will be billed 75% of each Program Manager’s rate for two transition sessions. If you request additional transition sessions, you will be billed 100% of each Program Manager’s rate for these sessions. During the transition period, all meetings attended by both Program Managers will be billed at 100%. In situations where you initiate the transition, all services provided will be billed at 100 %.

Clothing Pack

Please provide us with an extra set of clothing for your child if you anticipate toileting accidents.

Special Reinforcers

If your child likes a special edible reinforcer, or more importantly is on a special diet, please bring your own primary reinforcers to any Center-based intervention and assessment scheduled for your child. Any refrigerated food items or items that can last from week to week should be clearly labeled with your child’s name.


As a nonprofit organization, we have the ability to provide scholarships for families in need of financial assistance to meet the costs of their child’s programming. Northwest Behavioral Associates Board of Directors will determine the availability of scholarships.


For learners served by insurance companies, NBA will bill your company directly. Your insurance company will have two months to pay its portion of the NBA bill. If that is not done, then the charges will be billed to your account without interest. The standard time is allotted per NBA policy to make payment. Subsequent insurance payments will be credited to your NBA account.

Please refer to the NBA Family Information Packet for more extensive policy details.

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