Service Delivery Model

Intake Meeting & Initial Family Training

Families should request information about NBA’s services by contacting Assistant Director, Jane Helbig, at or (425) 822.6442, extension 101. Intake Meetings and Initial Family Support Training are scheduled for new learners as staff availability permits. Prior to the Intake Meeting, families are asked to review information about NBA’s services and will receive an intake paperwork packet in the mail; every effort should be made to return the completed paperwork before or during the Intake Meeting. Please note that your intake packet will include your child’s weekly intervention schedule with NBA staff members, including team meetings. In addition, your child’s Program Supervisor may request additional diagnostic information and historical therapeutic records prior to or during the intake meeting.

Intake Meetings and Initial Parent Support Training are scheduled to occur at the NBA office and typically last 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

During the Intake Meeting, your child’s new Program Manager and Program Supervisor will be present. The Initial Team Meeting Form will be completed during the meeting; information will be obtained about your child and family, specifically the intervention your child has received to date, your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and your family’s short and long term goals in collaboration with NBA. In addition, NBA services will be explained in greater detail and families will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about their child’s services, schedule, etc.

NBA’s Billing Manager, Natalia Bynum, will conduct the Initial Parent Support Training. New families will benefit from her experiences as a long time NBA parent and advocate for her child. New parents will receive in depth information about the organizational structure of NBA as well as important information about how to establish a successful home program and some basic tenets of ABA. The Initial Parent Training is scheduled directly with Ms. Bynum at

Initial Assessment

Based upon information gathered during the Intake Meeting, as well as a review of recently completed assessments completed by related service providers, the appropriate assessment tool(s) will be selected for your child. Initial assessments are conducted during the first 1-4 weeks of intervention during your child’s session time and results are typically reviewed during the first Monthly Team Meeting. Please ask your Program Manager and/or Program Supervisor for examples of both the standardized and criterion-referenced assessments typically used.

Assessments are administered by your child’s Program Manager and information is used to guide initial individualized programming. Home, school, and/or community observations may also be requested during the assessment period. These data are reviewed with your child’s Program Supervisor prior to program and curriculum design and presentation.

Assessment information, data obtained from current document reviews, and parental input are typically the primary sources that guide your child’s individualized programs and curricula. Newly designed programs and materials are reviewed by your child’s Program Supervisor prior to implementation to ensure that your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses, as well as learning history, have been thoroughly considered.

Individualized Intervention Model

Your child’s program notebook is completed and presented after all initial intake and assessment information has been obtained. The notebook will contain detailed individualized program descriptions, visual summary sheets such as monthly graphs, and the necessary team communication forms. Your child’s Program Manager will provide information about material preparation and can either guide you to the appropriate resources or help to create the materials needed for program implementation. Please note that the skills represented in your child’s program notebook will continue to grow and change as the data indicate.

Once the initial intake and assessment information is completed and your child’s Program Notebook has been developed, your child’s Program Manager will begin working on each individualized program during weekly teaching sessions. In addition to weekly sessions with a Program Manager, Behavior Technicians(s) will be assigned to your child’s team. Your child’s Program Manager and Program Supervisor will provide you with a recommended number of weekly intervention hours for your child.

Depending on your child’s rate of acquisition of new skills, their assessment will be updated every 6 months – 1year, at which time your child’s Program Manager will conduct a comprehensive review and will meet with you to discuss results and talk about changes in the focus of your child’s programming.

In addition to coordinating and supervising your home program, your child’s Program Manager and Program Supervisor will work collaboratively with your child’s teacher and other service providers. Other members of your child’s intervention team are always welcome and encouraged to attend our monthly team meetings. It is expected that your child’s Program Manager and/or Program Supervisor will attend IEP meetings and related school placement meetings in order to maintain open communication and develop a positive working relationship with your child’s school team.

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