Small Group Intervention Program

The purpose of NBA’s Small Group Intervention Program is to enhance social and academic skills in the context of a group environment.  Specialized programs are used to facilitate peer interaction and to promote success in small group participation, as well as to develop higher level cooperation and executive functioning skills.  Targeted groups dealing with diagnosis awareness, puberty, and young adult relationships are offered on a periodic basis. 

Each group is comprised of 2-6 learners.  Learner placement is dependent on age, social and cognitive functioning level, prevalence and topography of inappropriate behavior(s), and availability.  Learners must meet specific prerequisite requirements before being placed in a group.

NBA’s holiday schedule, insurance billing and learner sickness policies apply.

NBA offers the Small Group Intervention Program as an excellent add-on service to the weekly Program Manager sessions and Behavior Technician programs.  Inquiries regarding the Small Group Intervention Program should be directed to our Small Group Intervention Coordinator, Sierra Nolan at (425) 822.6442 ext. 107 or via e-mail at

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