Small Group Intervention Program Update

Our school-year social groups are off to a great start!  It was great to see the students’ huge smiles and excitement when they came back to groups after winter break.  I’m pretty sure they missed the groups.    


The big focus of this school-year’s group is “cooperation”.  Most of the groups have worked on some type of cooperation activities before.  We have already done many projects such as creating a Halloween store and building a Gingerbread House.  All the learners worked very hard to make neat items to sell in their Halloween-themed stores, or build the best looking Gingerbread House.  It required a lot of flexibility for all of them, because they had to compromise often to make group decisions like decide on the store name, what to make, and who is assigned the task. However, all the hard-work paid off, and we are all very proud of what the groups accomplished.  For 2017, we are off to new and more exciting cooperation activities such as Power Point presentations, a scripted play, and even a science experiment!   


The close communication between each child’s Program Manager and the Social Group Coordinator has been key to the success of NBA Social Groups.  We continue to work very closely together and frequently exchange the child’s current goals, progress, and challenges.  NBA Social Groups are a great place for students to practice generalization of their skills with peers, while making new friends. 


For questions about our Social Groups, please contact Small Group Intervention Coordinator, Yoko Phillips, at: or via phone at: 425-822-6442 extension 119.

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