Social Groups Flourishing

Time flies… Our school-year social group programs are entering their last month. We have enjoyed so many activities together, making their conclusion somewhat bittersweet. We are, however, very excited about the coming summer groups.

Summer Social Groups run July 9  through Aug. 24. Many new ideas and activities offered will enhance students’ social thinking, conversation skills, school readiness, cooperation and executive functioning skills. Groups meet twice a week for 1.25 hours per group. The sessions will provide learners with a great opportunity to work more intensively on some challenging social skills while having fun.

Puberty Groups continue this summer. The program is designed to have our learners engage in discussion and various fun activities to learn about puberty in a group setting. Topics covered in the program are what puberty is, what to expect to happen to your body, modesty and personal safety. Puberty groups will meet once a week for 1.25 hours per group for 7 weeks.

We are also excited to introduce our Diagnosis Awareness groups this summer. This program is designed to have our learners talk frankly about having autism with similar peers, while learning more about the diagnosis and gaining confidence. The program will cover topics including what does having autism mean, why certain things are difficult for them, sensory issues they may experience, how therapies can help them with their difficulties and living positively with autism. Diagnosis Awareness groups will meet once a week for 1.25 hour per group for 7 weeks.

Please contact Yoko Phillips at and Morgan Tompkins at with any questions. Looking forward to seeing you all in the summer!

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