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2015 marked the onset of a new calendar of events for NBA. Indeed, on April 4th, NBA hosted its first Breakfast Social, at Applebee’s, in Bellevue. We were joined by 43 attendees! Our staff, families and learners were able to enjoy a quiet restaurant atmosphere, as NBA had the entire place to itself, while relishing pancakes, eggs and bacon, and sipping on orange juice and/or coffee. Some learners could also be seen waiting on attendees, and really seemed to enjoy discovering the Applebee’s kitchen, and playing the role of server alongside staff. NBA was able to raise $370 from this event alone. The feedback received about this event was extremely positive, and we will be holding our next one come January 2016.

NBA also held other events, to include: walking at the Can Do in April, lunch and/or dinner at Red Robin, California Pizza Kitchen, in the Spring and Fall, as well as an evening of jumping at Skymania. California Pizza Kitchen was our most successful event aside from Applebee’s, and along with our Value Village Donation Drive that took place in early September. Mark your calendars for our next donation drives scheduled for November 13th and December 11th. NBA is also participating in the Walk with Friendship happening Sunday, October 11th at the Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island. Stop by and see us!

As you have already heard, we are opening an affiliate office in Amman, Jordan, thanks to the hard-work of our Director, Dr. Stacey Shook. Please invest with us in this new project, as you will help establish a new program from the ground up. To learn more and/or donate, please go to:

Thank you to everyone who has attended our events. Stay tuned for our 2016 Calendar of Events coming out in late December!

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