The Star Project- Amman, Jordan

A year ago, The Star Project (TSP) was just an idea; today, it is very much a reality.


Affiliated with NBA, and nestled in a quiet street in the Al-Rabiah neighborhood of Jordan’s capital, Amman, the Star Project’s Center is now operational and expanding. TSP is off to a good start serving the needs of a wide range of children with autism and other disabilities, as well as their families, and broadening the scope of services in the country.


On any typical day, TSP clinicians conduct individual ABA sessions, Social and Community-Based Instruction groups, as well as training for school personnel who work with the individual learners in their schools. The Center is quickly filling up with instructional and educational materials in order to best serve the needs of our children.


Getting to this stage of the project wasn’t without challenges, not the least of which was a harsh winter that caused significant flood damage to the Center. It was amazing watching our learners and clinicians conduct their sessions while the roofers and painters were busy fixing the damage. Such commitment to our mission was inspiring.


None of this would have been possible without the close collaboration of NBA with the local families in Amman and the efforts of our tireless staff. Consider this a personal message of appreciation for everyone who helped turn TSP from an idea into a vibrant presence in Amman!


TSP clinicians include Rami Al Hout, Melanie Martin, Naomi Poepjes, Asma Salameh, Maha Shabaneh, and Rana Wadi.  The TSP Board members are Yumna Abuhassan,  Rami Al Hout, Seneen Baghdadi, Haisam Chehabi,  Honie Haddad, Hala Ibbrahim, Luma Khalaf, and  Khalid Nahhas.


If you wish to support this project, please go to:


Thanks for your generous support!


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